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Tow Behind Sleigh Dimensions

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What are the dimensions & specs of the tow behind sleigh?
Overall length: 86"
Overall width: 28" (not including skis and suspension)
Overall height: 37" (18.5" from snow to underside of sleigh, 18.5" from underside of sleigh to top of sleigh cover)
Overall weight: 366 lbs with 1/2 tank of fuel

Analyzer: Sensors Inc. Semtech-DS
- CO2 and CO (NDIR)
- NO and NO2 (NDUV)
- O2 (Chemical cell)
- GPS (vehicle position and speed)
Fuel flow measurement: Pierburg PLU126 positive displacement transducer
On-board battery: LiFeP, 12VDC, 50 AH
On-board fuel tank: 3 gallons
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