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Are hybrid powertrains allowed at competition?

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In the 2023 Clean Snowmobile Challenge V1.0 ruleset, there is no mention of hybrid powertrains. Are hybrid powertrains allowed to compete in competition? If so, what additional requirements will be necessary to compete?
Yes, hybrid powertrains will be allowed to compete for both the CI & SI categories in the 2023 competition. A snippet from the 2023 V2.0 rules release has been included here but this response will be superseded by any subsequent releases of the rules so please reference the latest ruleset for the most up-to-date answer:

- Teams are permitted to compete with hybrid powertrains that utilize electric machines and battery systems; this is allowable for both SI & CI platforms. Any team that chooses to compete with a hybrid powertrain is required to follow the rules outlined by the Electric FSAE competition (including all additional required documentation), barring the accumulator casing attachment requirements.
- Due to the novelty of this part of the competition, teams should expect much more rigorous requirements for technical inspection; primarily related to the electrification aspects of the snowmobile. Teams interested in competing with this are encouraged to reach out to competition judges as soon as possible for support in providing adequate documentation and proof of safety.
- Teams cannot compete as a hybrid vehicle in the current year’s competition if it is not indicated in the abstract as a notice of intent.

For any necessary clarifications, please submit a rules inquiry.
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