Kick-Off Monday at 9 AM Eastern

9/9/2022 6:48:17 PM ET   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

SAE Community Programs is proud to present the third annual ‘Fall Kick-Off’ event this upcoming Monday, September 12th from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern! This event will give teams the opportunity to explore all of the resources available for the 2023 season. Don't delay - reserve your spot at the Fall Kick-Off today! This event is free to students and will be hosted virtually.


9:00 AM

Mentoring through the SAE Mentor Program and LearnTwice

Leverage your membership and find a mentor through the SAE Mentor Program. SAE is in a unique position to expose you to a diverse set of engineers across the mobility industry, and thus expand your perspective and potential on how you can ultimately contribute to the industry. Interested in being a mentor? Learn about LearnTwice™, SAE’s near-peer mentoring program that connects university and K-12 students to provide a visible pathway for young learners to envision themselves as future engineers. Participating teams are eligible to receive a $1,500 stipend.

Formula SAE - EV Workshop Q&A

This session is for teams participating in the EV Workshop event later this month. Please attend to ask any additional questions on EV Workshop document submissions, affiliations, and survey information.

10:00 AM

SAE Aero Design Air Worthiness Preview

Several rules committee members were hard at work last month in Lakeland, Florida developing an extensive technical inspection video to help student teams be better prepared for competition this year! This video is a pre-view of what you can expect to see in the completed video, and more! Full video to be released on the news feed at soon.

How to Register, Affiliate, and more!

Join the University Programs Support team as we walk through 'how to register' for a competition, how to build out your team roster, and what to expect once you've secured your competition spot for the 2023 season.

11:00 AM

Career Choice: Advice and Insight from Industry Leaders

Engage with industry experts to learn valuable lessons in how to remain relevant in the mobility industry by navigating and analyzing impactful engineering ideas and designs ensuring your company and career sustain its future.

Moderator: Marc LeDuc, SAE

  • Andy Jeffers - GM
  • Jacqueline Zimny - GM
  • Kelly Schmitz - Cummins
  • Denisse Juarez - Cummins

Introduction to the Industrial Lecture Program and SAE Speakers Series

Learn how to host a Speaker at your Chapter or Section Event and hear from some of our Lecturers including: Dean Case, James Shaw, and Don Smolenski.

Kohler – Baja SAE Engine Partnership

Kohler representatives (and National Tech Inspector representative) will present new partnership between Kohler and Baja SAE. Details on the chosen engine and upcoming testing will be presented and what this teams for teams competing in 2023. Followed by Q&A.

12:00 PM

Mission Autono™: Simulate. Iterate. Demonstrate.

Join Andrea Evancho as she talks through the newest University Program, MISSION AUTONO™. Designed to increase equitable access to emerging technologies and develop 21st century workforce skills, MISSION AUTONO™ challenges student teams to develop autonomous vehicle software that can determine optimal paths and perceive objects. Students also explore complex social responsibility issues surrounding autonomous technology.

New Online Community SAE Connexion+
Learn more about this new online community that connects you to members and volunteers around the globe. Share technical information, network, find volunteer opportunities, and more.

Drive Your Design with Ansys’ Simulation Software
Ansys is the global leader in engineering simulation software and has helped many teams competing in SAE competitions win and gain valuable skillsets sought after by employers. Learn how to access free software and support resources, hear firsthand from a previous engineer and driver from the Auburn University Formula SAE Racing Team, and get details from a Senior Automotive Application Engineer about the various ways Ansys can empower and optimize your design.

1:00 PM

2023 Clean Snowmobile Challenge: Rules Walk-Through

SAE’s Clean Snowmobile Challenge Rules Chair, Zach Lipple will present on changes made to the program including but not limited to why the earlier competition date, new event of vehicle weight, new scoring format for events, provide clearer expectations for required submissions and presentations and the future direction of CSC with hybridization.

The Value of Diversity on Your Team

Part of the Industrial Lecture Series (an SAE Student Member benefit) this lecture is intended for all SAE students who wish to create an inclusive team culture on their teams. This discussion involves an in-depth look at internal bias, external factors that inhibit diversity, what actions can be taken to actively prevent marginalization, and how a diverse team breeds more effective and professional members.

2:00 PM

Tesla - Telling Your SAE Story on Your Resume

The experience gained through active participation on an SAE team is just as valuable as nearly any internship. However, many students still list this valuable professional-level experience under “hobbies” or provide little details about what experience they’ve gained! Join Tesla's Libby Jones as she shares tips on how to position this experience on your resume, and how to help recruiters find you.

Presenter: Libby Jones, Tesla - Senior Talent Partner, Internship Recruiting

CDSWeb Review

Not sure how the difference between and,, etc.? Not sure how to submit required documents? Not sure the correct protocol for asking a question about the rules? Join Sara Guffey of SAE International and Mike Zieman of Digital Engineering Solutions as they review the competition websites and all that they have to offer CDS teams.

3:00 PM

2023 Baja SAE Business Presentation Event Changes
Teams will learn from Business Presentation Event Captain, Ryan Jefferis how Baja SAE will operate in the event in 2023 as he presents on changes made to the rules, event submissions, and overall event logistics. Launch & Univ Programs
Join Program Support's Sara Guffey as she discusses our new University Programs landing page, what it means for the future of series websites (,, etc.), and what the difference between CDS and University Programs is.

A New Approach to Embedded Events

Join Zac Pace as he discusses the AI Mini Challenge, AeroConnect and MobilityForward programs. Embedded into SAE International's larger tradeshow events such as AeroTech and WCX, these programs give students the opportunity to design, integrate, and automate within popular industry conventions.

4:00 PM

Baja SAE Design Event and the Engineering Product Development Cycle

Baja SAE Design Event and the Engineering Product Development Cycle