Knowledge Event- Team Reminders & Actions

3/2/2021 7:46:33 AM ET   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

Competing in a virtual environment is not unlike being onsite; there are many moving parts. SAE International would like to remind teams that you need to be diligent in watching communication received (or not received) and contact us for assistance.

As we have navigated our first few Knowledge Events, we want to remind teams of the following actions you need to take:

  • Team members are responsible for reading and watching for updates to the 2021 competition documentation including but not limited to, the 2021 Rules set, 2021 Event Descriptions and the 2021 CDS Competition Plan.

  • Team Captains make sure you are affiliated to your teams Fast-Track Roster on

  • Team Captains (or delegated team member) make sure your team is submitting all required documents. SAE is sending out courtesy warning emails however these are not required on our part. If a document submission is missed, your team will be removed from competing from Knowledge and/or Validation Events. You must participate in all aspects to stay eligible.

  • Warning emails on late submissions or cancellation notices will come from your competition series website, i.e., [email protected] or [email protected]

  • Team Captains need to make sure you are receiving emails from Qualtrics via SAE International to provide names and emails of presenters for events. Team Captains will receive this email survey for every event to complete.

  • SAE International will send email invites to every team member provided from (third party vendor used for Knowledge Event). This email will come from 2021 CDS Knowledge Events ([email protected]).

  • All team members are responsible for ensuring this email is received and they follow steps to claim their profile online SAE will post updates on newsfeed and push out notifications via the competition series App (Aero, Baja and FSAE); if you are a team member seeing this and you have not received an email then you need to contact [email protected] for assistance.

  • All team members are responsible for ensuring their scheduled time appointment is on their own calendars. A physical appointment will not be sent via email. *Reminder to Teams: Verify the time on matches what has been published in Schedule Matrix for the specific event.

  • All team members are responsible for ensuring they can log in and access Zoom call during practice sessions which will be scheduled for student teams prior to day of judging.

  • All team members are responsible for contacting SAE International if having any issues. We do not know if you are having issues unless you tell us. Email [email protected] for any assistance in advance of the event.

  • On day of judging, if you are able to log in and having issues you are encouraged to visit the Helpdesk which is managed by and SAE Staff.

  • Just as in previous years if a team fails to submit documents, your team will be removed from competing any further.

  • If your team fails to attend the assigned time slot for your presentation, your team will be removed from competing any further.

By not completing any of the steps listed above and/or not contacting SAE International for assistance, your team will be considered withdrawn and removed from the registered teams list.