2023 Scoring Rubric Videos

11/23/2022 11:40:58 AM ET   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

For the 2023 competition season, the scoring rubrics have been revised. A big difference is on how the points will be weighted overall as well as per each category. The rubrics are now available online under Series Resources – Event Templates and Rubrics – Scoring Rubrics. Zach Lipple, SAE’s Clean Snowmobile Challenge Rules Chair walks students through understanding the event rubrics and judge’s expectations with the goal in mind to prepare teams for the most success.

These videos can be found online under Learning Labs. All student members have access to this area under your SAE Clean Snowmobile profile. Topics can be searched under the following titles:

  • Design Paper Grading 2023
  • Design Presentation Grading 2023
  • Sales Presentation Grading 2023
  • Value Benefit Analysis Presentation Grading 2023