2024 Important Dates

9/20/2023 1:35:05 PM ET   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

Thank you, teams, for reaching out to SAE. As we continue to update the competition website for the 2024 Competition Series, below are some key dates that we want to inform you of. Please note these dates will be posted online www.saecleansnowmobile.com under the Deadlines tab.

Document Deadlines
Mandatory Document Submissions:

September 25, 2023: Design Abstract
February 2, 2024: Engineering Design Paper
February 22, 2024: Sales Presentation Video
February 23, 2024: Technical Design PPT Slidedeck
February 23, 2024: Material Safety Data Sheets

Mandatory Document Submissions, if required:
December 13, 2023: Chassis Modification
December 13, 2023: Transmission Modification
December 13, 2023: High Pressure Fuel Lines
These documents are only required if a team has made a modification to the stock snowmobile sled. This includes changes made in previous years. Teams should still submit documentation even if already approved from previous competition year.

All documents are to be submitted either on or before the deadline date and the time of 11:59:59 PM Eastern to avoid penalty of late submission. Documents should be submitted using required templates from series resources for the 2024 competition season.

Also please make sure you are watching the SAE Clean Snowmobile website and/or mobile app for announcements on updates throughout the year. Note: Turn on push notifications on the app to make sure that you never miss a post!

Virtual presentations dates for the 2024 season are as follows:
February 15, 2024: Engineering Design
February 16, 2024: Value Benefit Analysis

Teams should see required document submission areas online before the end of week.