2024 Clean Snowmobile Welcome Letter

2/29/2024 9:41:53 AM ET   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

Welcome Teams to the 2024 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge,

SAE International is thrilled to host this year’s Clean Snowmobile Challenge back at the Keweenaw Research Center. We look forward to seeing you there and wish you safe travels!

Purpose of this welcome letter is to just provide you with one last final information reminder of action items your team needs to complete prior to arrival onsite:

Fast Track Rosters: Teams are required to print their Fast Track Rosters and have all team members and advisors assign the document after reading the Liability Waiver which is part of this document. All participants affiliated to the team who will be onsite need to be on this document. This document also needs to be completed before arrival so that the team captain and/or advisor only have to report to the student registration area.

Fuel Reminder: Teams need to ensure they arrive with no fuel in tanks as part of inspection process.

Completed Tech Inspection Sheet: Due to accelerated number of competitions, we are asking teams to complete a self-assessment of their sled using the tech sheet. Teams must bring a completed form to their onsite technical inspection appointment. Tech inspection will operate on a first come, first served basis but no team will be inspected without a completed self-assessment. Blank copies of this form will also be available at student registration area if needed.

Also to remind you if you have not already downloaded the SAE Clean Snowmobile App, please do as we will be using this onsite for notification any time the schedule changes, etc. So, if you are not sure what this is…you can find the Clean Snowmobile App that is available for free via your Apple iTunes or Google Play store. As you may be aware the weather is constantly changing, we are trying to update the information as soon as possible. This is why the Clean Snowmobile App is very important for this year’s competition. All updates will be found within the news feed of the app.

We ask for your patience as we navigate the conditions. We are exhausting all efforts and resources to ensure that as many events can happen as possible. We are working on a schedule that we feel will maximize the teams trip to Michigan.

We will continue to offer student lunches all three days. We will have unlimited access to coffee and hot chocolate thanks to MacLean-Fogg . We will continue the tradition to host a Rules Dinner on Friday, March 8th following the day’s events so that we can discuss changes to the rules. We encourage you to come prepared with suggestions on what programmatic changes you would like to see whether its implementing new technology or changing current events. We also encourage you to bring questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week!