CDS Winter Workshop - tomorrow!

1/21/2021 11:33:11 AM ET   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

CDS Winter Workshop - tomorrow & Saturday!

Check out these great sessions that we have planned for you tomorrow and Saturday at

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Workshop Highlights

  • Who's Hiring? - session available all day!
    Are you looking for a career in the automotive industry? We have put together a listing of CDS sponsors who are hiring. Take a look at the company listing to see if any are a match for you and reach out today! OR better yet! Stop by one of the sponsor booths during our Sponsor Engagement Hours to ask question or submit your resume

  • Sponsor Skillshops
    We have a variety of great sessions from sponsors such as: Altair, MathWorks, Polaris, Siemens, and Tesla on various topics such as vehicle manufacturing, software & simulation!

  • CDS Program Specific Sessions
    We have some great sessions specific to Formula SAE and Baja SAE on topics such as: Virtual Noise, Business Presentation concept, engineering product development cycle, and Design events.

  • I’m Anxious About the Unknown Future
    Presented by Engineering Life Coach Gina Covarrubias, this webinar addresses a crippling topic among many: fear and anxiety about the future. Discover why situations are never as bad as they seem. Learn how to assess the world around you and how to adapt accordingly. Explore mental wellness exercises you can practice daily despite prevailing circumstances. This presentation is full of personal development strategies, there is something for everyone!

  • Importance of Written Professional Communication
    Jay Meldrum, Director of Keweenaw Research Center, member of faculty at Michigan Technological University and organizer for SAE's Clean Snowmobile Challenge competition for 20 years walks students through the importance of professional written communication for student teams. He provides tips and best practices that students competing in any series can apply.

  • Career Panels
    Our industry professionals and CDS alumni are ready to talk about their careers and experiences with you. Find out how these individuals stay involved in the program, what their experience within industry is like, and how being a student competitor in Collegiate Design Series programs has helped their careers! We are hosting a career panel for the following series: Formula SAE, Baja SAE, SAE Aero Design & SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge.

  • SAE Beyond Collegiate Design Series
    Have you ever wondered what SAE can for you after graduation? Dean Case is probably by far one of SAE's biggest fans and critics and is hugely involved with SAE. Dean will present on all the opportunities SAE holds for student engineers after CDS. Dean will cover how to get involved and leverage active SAE participation into career opportunities.

  • Women of CDS Panel Discussion
    Our Collegiate Design Series programs are chock-full of powerful ladies! From Industry down to our competitors. Why are they so strong? What keeps them going in a male dominated profession? Join engineering life coach Gina Covarrubias from Deliberate Doing in this session to learn more about the amazing professionals on this panel.

  • Transformation from physical to virtual reality
    This session will focus on how to enable collaboration virtually in “immersive design reviews”, which engineering teams can evaluate for various studies such as: SAE Baja car development for Chassis and Ergo, manikin study etc. The session will guide through few industrial examples highlighting ways to improve detection of issues in the early stages of product development cycle. This will also give students the trust in Virtual software’s and how engineers are using it to make the right decisions earlier without need for verification on a physical mockup. For competitions such as SAE Baja and Formula SAE, the students can work in the virtual environment and address also potential issues before working.

  • Project Mgmt w/ focus on DFMEA Process
    Hear from former Formula SAE student, Emily Anthony! Students will learn how to perform DFMEA, build a Gantt chart, generate lessons learned documentation, and more. Each section will focus on changing how the team thinks about project management problems with examples from Emily’s experience in Formula SAE and industry and provide questions for student leaders as a starting point for discussion and improvement. Examples will be FSAE focus but content relatively universal for all student project scopes.

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