2022 CSC Team Welcome Letter

2/18/2022 11:30:32 AM ET   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

Welcome Teams to the 2022 SAE Clean Snowmobile Competition!

SAE International is thrilled to host this year’s competition at the World Championship Derby Complex! After a fully virtual competition year in 2021, it is our pleasure to host the 2022 competition using a hybrid approach. By now you have already participated in your virtual presentation events. The scores will be tabulated and added to overall results which will be revealed onsite during the awards ceremony. Feedback will be made available through www.saecleansnowmobile.com for all virtual presentations and your design paper following the completion of the onsite competition.

Please note, things will be different onsite than previous years if you have participated in CSC prior to COVID. The competition week is only three days which requires teams to come more prepared than previous years as there is little time to complete your projects. The schedule is very tight and allows for little forgiveness. Event run orders have been shifted as some traditional events have been eliminated; we also have one event operating under Derby Oval Complex stadium lights.

We will continue to offer student lunches all three days. We will have unlimited access to coffee and hot chocolate. We will be offering students a Pizza Dinner on Tuesday; March 1st as Acceleration runs into the evening. We will continue the tradition to host a Rules Dinner on Wednesday, March 2nd following the day’s events so that we can discuss changes to the rules. We encourage you to come prepared with suggestions on what programmatic changes you would like to see whether its implementing new technology or changing current events. We also encourage you to bring questions you may have.

Recently released is Competition Schedule V2 – this is our most updated version of the schedule but please note it is still subject to change. You can find this schedule online under Series Resources.

Also recently released is an overall site layout for your review. This layout is also subject to change as snow conditions change. Part of this overall site layout is also preview of the current plan for the endurance run. You can find this file online under Series Resources.

Action Items Required of Teams Prior to Arrival:

  1. Fast Track Rosters. Teams are required to print their Fast Track Rosters and have all team members and advisors sign the document. For the 2022 competition season the entire team must report to registration. Learn more about how to affiliate to your team here at sae.org.

  2. COVID Liability Waiver and Vaccination/Negative Test Proof. SAE recently posted this waiver online under Series Resources, it is the responsibility of every student member and advisor to print, sign and bring with you to registration as part of your registration materials. SAE will not be collecting proof, but you will be required to show your vaccination or negative test results during registration.

  3. Completed Tech Inspection Sheet. Due to the accelerated number of competition days, we are asking teams to complete a self-assessment of their sled using the tech sheet. Teams must bring a completed form to their onsite technical inspection appointment. Tech Inspection will operate on a first come, first serve basis but no team will be evaluated without a completed self-assessment.
    At this current time the venue is not operating under COVID restrictions for those who are vaccinated. Face masks are not required but still encouraged. All participants should still exercise social distancing, when possible, indoors.

We look forward to having a safe competition and wish everyone safe travels!