Knowledge Event Updates

2/19/2021 10:00:00 AM ET   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

Knowledge Event Dates:
March 25th- Design
March 26th- Virtual Dynamics

Knowledge Event Platform: Pathable (zoom based)

Team captains ACTION: team captains were to be on the roster at by January 25th. Extension: Feb 26 for any final additions.
Team captains will be sent a Qualtrics Survey to provide their presenters for the Design Event & Virtual Dynamics, two weeks in advance. This survey is for you to provide SAE with a list of all presenters for the Design Event ONLY.

Student Presenter invitations: Presenters will receive an invite to claim their profiles by: March 10, 2021. Please check your spam emails before you send an email us to say you did not receive the invitation.

Practice sessions: these are for your presenters to TEST the Pathable site. Can they log in, can they access zoom, screen sharing etc. There will be NO SAE staff to assist you or judges to practice presenting with during these Practice Sessions. We will have a Live Q&A session on March 23rd to answer any questions you might have after your practice session.

Number of presenters permitted: Please refer to the SAE Clean Snowmobile Rules regarding the definition of Design Event presenters. Because we will be in a virtual environment, we do encourage teams to exercise caution by limiting attendance to only students presenting, no spectators. For example, having all 20 team members in design when only 2-3 will be participating may not be effective for the following reasons:

  • More people the slower the bandwidth
  • More people, who are the right people to talk to…design lead or spectator?
  • Creates extra distraction
    NOTE: On the Qualtrics survey provided to team captains, they will see a limit of spots for the presenters. roster: All team members who plan to attend the knowledge event as a presenter should also be affiliated and added to the roster. All members must be an SAE member.

Questions: Contact Collegiate Competitions [email protected]