2021 University Landscape Survey

7/27/2020 1:19:51 PM ET   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

The 2020 season has been a challenge for all of us and we thank you for continuing to support SAE International and the Collegiate Design Series Programs. As the world embraces the new reality of the COVID-19 challenges and we look forward to the 2021 competition season, we have begun planning what our competitions will look like with efforts to be back onsite. However, in complete transparency we also continue to develop alternate plans in the event we are transitioned into another virtual environment due to the circumstances with COVID-19.

Please take the time to complete the survey to the fullest to ensure we can gather all information to help make decisions for the 2021 season. We want to foster a program and competition that allows for a strong student engagement in a controlled manner to meet all necessary precautions of the pandemic and still deliver a strong educational experience for all teams in 2021.

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