DoD Security Clearances

1/23/2019 9:50:20 AM ET   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

The ability to mark your DoD security clearance level was added to the Fast Track Roster on in November. Due to this being added after registration in October, we still have many students who are on their fast track roster without having chosen a clearance level yet. If you registered your team or were added to your team's roster prior to November, please make sure you're logging back in to fill out your clearance level. This can be checked by clicking the orange edit button next to your name on the roster.

The DoD security clearance section was added to the Fast Track Roster this year after a lot of interest was shown by several sponsors. Having a DoD security clearance is a huge benefit in the eyes of your future employers. Be sure to update your information on your Fast Track Roster at as soon as possible to increase your chances of landing your dream job!