2023 SAE Clean Rules Now Available!

5/3/2022 12:42:15 PM ET   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

SAE and the Clean Snowmobile Challenge rules committee has released a preliminary 2023 CSC Competition Ruleset for teams to review over summer break. Several changes have been made since the 2022 competition however a comprehensive list is not provided. The committee has provided some major points for review in a Revision Summary however student teams should read the rules in their entirety.

The rules committee will continue to work on the ruleset over the next few months to release a final copy in August as some areas of the rules required a more extensive rewrite that time allotted. No changes to the actual events will be made just better expectations and requirements identified.

In addition to the early release of the rules, SAE wants to communicate with all interested teams that the 2023 competition date may be as early as February 6th. SAE and WCDC are currently working on confirming the competition date and will release that information when known. Stay tuned to the newsfeed over summer break!