2021 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Knowledge Event Results

4/16/2021 4:04:47 PM   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

Congratulations Michigan Technological University!

In a traditional competition year, university teams participate in the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge hosted in Houghton, Michigan every year. Teams report to the competition venue with modified sleds in tow ready to participate in technical inspection, verbal design presentations and several dynamic events. However, the competition plan for 2021 had to be modified due to COVID-19.

Working with several core volunteers, SAE was able to continue providing a challenging engineering competition with educational benefits by implementing virtual dynamics using 1D Modeling. Student teams still participated in writing a design engineering paper and presenting their overall design as in previous years however additionally had to complete 1D models and provide their results after running simulation in a PPT.

Taking a clear lead in both Spark-Ignited and Compression-Ignited classes, Michigan Technological University swept the competition placing 1st in both written and verbal design events as well as taking 1st place in all virtual dynamics.

Full results can be found online under Series Resources within the '2021 CDS Competition Season' folder.

Judge feedback from the Knowledge Event is coming soon.

SAE will be recording a podcast on Friday, April 16th, during this episode of Keeping it Clean, we will talk with members of the Michigan Tech teams and the masterminds behind this year’s 1D Model challenge. More details to be posted!