Registration Expansion

11/12/2020 2:44:28 PM ET   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

Interested in registering a second team?

Due to a few university inquiries regarding registering a second team with a separate design in the upcoming Spring 2021 Knowledge Events, SAE is expanding the current registration limits for its Collegiate Design Series by now allowing universities the ability to register a second design team for SAE Aero Design, Baja SAE, Formula SAE (IC and Electric), and SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge. The SAE Supermileage Competition already allows a university to compete with two separate designs so the remaining Collegiate Design Series will be offering this opportunity in the 2021 competition season.

Student teams will be able to register as second entry as a new and separate registered team for both the Knowledge and Validation Events planned for Spring 2021.

Any universities registering a second design team will be considered a separate team including members, adherence to all rules and deadlines will still apply for that second team and all other event operations.

This registration for a second team is currently open. Teams can utilize the same registration process on

This announcement follows our recent announcement of Knowledge Event Registration also being extended to December 4, 2020. Please note all registrations will be required to be paid in full no later than December 6, 2020.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns to [email protected].