Robotics for Autonomous Vehicle Systems Bootcamp

6/19/2020 3:33:19 PM ET   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

SAE International’s Robotics for Autonomous Vehicle Systems Bootcamp is an intensive and rigorous online learning program that features hands-on experience to develop a technical understanding of building autonomous systems for self-driving vehicles. Our pilot begins September 2020 and will take place online for the first 10 weeks. From there, our goal is to hold a two-week long hands-on experience in December in the Detroit Metro region. We are looking for recent graduates to participate in our pilot at no charge. All we ask for in return is their feedback to help shape future offerings.

Participants will:

  • Build a working autonomous robot vehicle that can perform basic navigation, path planning, and performance tasks
  • Develop a systems approach to AV design problems
  • Obtain exposure to state-of-the-art research activities, exploring vehicle autonomy, deployed systems, core-robotics infrastructure, and middleware development
  • Examine performance tradeoffs for robotic and self-driving sensors, algorithms, and controllers
  • Practice collaboration skills required for professional team-based work assignments

If you are interested, please email Stacey Stevens to learn more about this opportunity!

Also, for more details, a document titled AI Robotics Bootcamp Prospectus can be found in Series Resources in the 'Other SAE Opportunities' folder.