CDS QuaranTEAM Challenge: Day 5

5/3/2020 1:00:00 PM   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series


Today's Challenge: Engineering Inspiration

Share a story about what inspired you to choose to pursue an education in engineering.

We want to hear about what made you want to become an engineer! Share your story on our Baja SAE Facebook page under the ‘Day 5 Engineering Inspiration' post.

For this challenge there will be a maximum of 1 submission per person AND a maximum of 10 submissions per team. Each post will earn your team 1 point towards your CDS QuaranTEAM Challenge score. Be sure to include your team name hashtag and the hashtag #CDSquaranTEAMchallenge

Fast Facts:

  • submit your story on the 'Engineering Inspiration' post on the Baja SAE Facebook page
  • include your #[your team name] (please use the team name that you’re registered for competition with)
  • include #CDSquaranTEAMchallenge
  • max 1 submission per person
  • max 10 submissions per team
  • submissions will be accepted until 1:00 AM EDT Monday, May 4, 2020

LASTLY, we are regularly updating team scores on the CDS QuaranTEAM Challenge Leaderboard so that you and your team can keep track of your daily scores and how you stack up against the other teams and series. Logging may be slower on the weekends.

Now go spread some positivity and gratitude on those Facebook walls!