CDS QuaranTEAM Challenge: Day 15

5/13/2020 6:30:00 PM   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

DAY 15

Today's Challenge: Egress Test

For the final task of the CDS QuaranTEAM Challenge the CDS staff challenges team members to get creative and perform an at-home egress test with household items.

Complete today's challenge on the Baja SAE Facebook page by uploading a video of your at-home egress test to the ‘Day 15: Egress Test' post. For this challenge there will be a maximum of 1 post per person and maximum of 5 posts per team. Each video submitted will be worth 1 point. Please follow the 'Egress Guidelines' below

Egress Guidelines:

  • egress out of a "vehicle" - be creative with this, think laundry basket, playskool car, etc.
  • egress out of "safety gear" - again, be creative with this!
  • "safety gear" is defined as helmet, gloves and outer layer jacket
  • be sure to include "wrist restraints"
  • egress out of your vehicle, safety gear and wrist restraints within 5 seconds

Fast Facts:

  • create a video of you performing an egress test
  • submit your video on the ‘Day 15: Egress Test' post on the Baja SAE Facebook page
  • egress out of your vehicle, safety gear and wrist restraints within 5 seconds
  • include your #[your team name] (please use the team name that you’re registered for competition with)
  • include #CDSquaranTEAMchallenge
  • maximum of 1 submission per person
  • maximum of 5 submissions per team
  • 1 point per submission
  • submissions will be accepted until Thursday, May 14th at 12:00 PM EDT.
  • as always, remember to please keep your responses respectful and appropriate!

Bonus Points:

  • For today, we have TWO other challenges running on the 1) AutoDrive Challenge/SAE AeroConnect and 2) SAE Aero Design pages. Feel free to compete in these challenges as well. Details for those challenges can be found on their mobile applications.

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