5/14/2020 2:00:00 PM   SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Series

QuaranTEAM Challenge SAE STEM Education Bonus Round

Remember how we randomly awarded bonus points for a response to a challenge that CDS staff particularly loves, or for adding something special to a challenge? This time the bonus round is simple!

STEM education is a large part of SAE International. Our, A World In Motion programs are STEM based and strive to create an engineering experience in the classroom for K-8 grades. These programs range from simple classroom projects to more complex engineering projects and teachers are always looking for help in the classrooms. We have a program currently called Learn Twice which gives you, CDS students the opportunity to join the students and teach inside the classroom for hands-on engineering work! With COVID-19 and the new virtual world we are living in we are launching a virtual Learn Twice and we need your help! To find out more on Learn Twice please visit

Challenge: Like our bonus round post on the Foundation Facebook page AND complete the survey on this post. 1 entry per team. 10 bonus points will be awarded to each team that completed the bonus round.

How: Take this survey by 12:00 PM EDT Sunday May 17, 2020. The extremely short survey is looking to capture the following information:

  • Interest in being part of a Learn Twice focus group
  • Team Name
  • Team Contact
  • Email
  • Tell us if you have ever participated in Learn Twice before

Bonus points will only be awarded to teams who complete the following:
Like the post
Complete the survey

If signing up to be part of the focus group, please provide a contact email that will be best for you team so that we can reach out to you and pick your brain on our Learn Twice program. Thank you! Great job during this challenge everyone! Scores are still being tabulated from the past few days but will be updated soon!

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